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"I Don't Like my Dentures"

“I don’t like my dentures. What now?” If you are one that has to use a lot of adhesive just to keep your dentures in, this is the blog post for you! You don’t have to rely on a tube of Fixodent for the rest of your life. We have several options for you!

The first option: Sometimes it’s as simple as a reline or a new set of dentures! Your bone changes over time. Your body is efficient, and when we lose our teeth, our body thinks that we don’t need the bone that surrounded them anymore. In time, bone shrinks. If it’s been a few years (or more), your ill-fitting dentures just may need a reline or be remade. We can’t tell which one until we see you!

The second option: Snap-In Dentures AKA Overdentures. Is it just your bottom denture that’s bugging you? With just two implants on the bottom, we can get you a denture with much better retention. Do you miss the feeling of not having a denture on your palate? Having four implants on top gives us the ability to make you a snap in denture that doesn’t need to cover your palate. Both options do require some maintenance though! Implants can still get bone loss, so daily brushing and regular checkups are crucial to the long-term survival of your implants.

The third option: Hybrids, AKA fixed dentures, AKA All on four. These types of prosthetics stay in your mouth! That’s right, you don’t have to put your teeth in a cup of water at night. The only person that can take them out is your dentist. This option is for those that want the closest thing we have to teeth. Of course, the feeling is slightly different, but you can have apples, steak, corn on the cob without any issues. They do require cleaning around the implants at home and regular dental visits, but the maintenance is like having teeth.

The fourth option: A combination of the above! Some people get implants on the bottom, and have a regular upper denture. Some have a snap in denture on top, and a lower fixed denture. Come see us and find the right option for you!

Overall, you should be comfortable with whatever is in your mouth. If you are having problems, make sure to give us or your dentist a call. You don’t need to just “put up” with your teeth.

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