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Easy Bites - Breakfast Edition

This post is for my patients that are having trouble chewing. Whether you’re getting used to a new denture, waiting to start dental treatment, had a recent surgery, or are missing several teeth, chewing can be challenging. I put together a list of recipes so that you can still eat good nutritious meals while you are in this transitional time with your teeth.

Let’s talk breakfast. The most important meal of the day!

Oatmeal is always a go-to recommendation from me. It has protein and fiber and is easy to eat. However, this can get dull over time so below are some recipes I found via Pinterest for you to try at home. My favorite is the Peanut Butter Banana Baked Oatmeal. I often make this myself to have as a quick breakfast during the week. - Peanut Butter Banana Baked Oatmeal. If you had a recent dental surgery, skip the flaxseed unless you grind it well (you can do this in a spice grinder, or with a mortar and pestle) - Cinnamon Apple Baked Oatmeal. If you are having a lot of trouble chewing, substitute the chopped apples with 1 cup applesauce. - Overnight oats are so easy and nice to make ahead. Again, avoid small seeds if you recently had a surgery. If you are having a lot of trouble chewing, make sure to cut up fruits into small pieces.

Eggs are another go-to recommendation for an easy-chew breakfast option. Eggs have protein, vitamin A, and calcium and can be cooked in many different ways.

Egg bakes are an easy way to make a lot of servings at once. You can make this ahead of time and store in your freezer. If you are getting a lot of extractions done, I recommend making this prior to your surgery date so you have much less work to do while you are recovering. I gravitate towards the recipes with extra vegetables in them as the cooking process makes them easy to eat. Stick with softer ingredients if you recently received a denture or had a recent surgery. - Sausage Egg Bake with Veggies and Feta Cheese - Broccoli Cheddar Egg Bake with Turkey Bacon

This Breakfast casserole is made in the crockpot and is so easy! Anything cooked at a lower temperature and slowly will have a softer texture, so I really recommend the use of a crockpot, Instapot, or pressure cooker.

Shakshuka is a great recipe for my tomato lovers. It’s very simple, soft and easy to make. I like to make some rice for it to go on top of it to make it extra filling!

Other soft breakfast ideas include: Grits, French toast (may be difficult for some), pancakes, apple sauce, cottage cheese, yogurt, baked apples/pears, eggs cooked any way (my grandma would often have scrambled eggs with salsa and sour cream), or anything you can easily cut with a side of a fork. Overall, avoid foods that you need to bite into, cut food into smaller pieces, and take more time to eat.

I hope these recipes give you ideas to keep eating fun! If you have continued trouble eating, please come see me so I can help! Eating should be enjoyable and I want to make sure that it continues to be that for you. Happy Cooking!

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