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Patient Testimonials

Angie Thompson


"My husband has just started seeing Michelle. The very first time we walked into the office we were greeted with a warm smile & immediately felt comfortable . The office itself is so perfectly done….you immediately feel relaxed and comfortable and EVERYONE is so friendly and accommodating and goes out of their way. My husband was/is the patient and they were asking me if I needed anything and they are so good at explaining everything and making you feel like they have all the time in the world for you. We never feel rushed everyone is so pleasant and they let you see what they are doing why they are doing it….I could go on & on but we have seriously never felt so comfortable. Customer service is gone in a lot of places but you renewed our faith. Thank you!!!!!"

Ashley Baumann

"Dr. Burson is so professional and comforting. My sister went in for help and Dr. Burson took an overwhelming process and made it seem safe, achievable, and accessible. We are so thankful for Dr. Burson."

Alicia D'Hont

"Dr. Burson is professional and compassionate. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for prosthodontics needs!"

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